Heart Wall

Heart WallTrapped emotions can be “walled in” and locked away in a part of the body. Very often an emotion is held captive in the heart area, although it could be in any part of the body.

Locking feelings and emotions away is what we do to feel safe, but it can really hold us back in life. Preventing us from being authentic and fully engaging with the rest of the world.

Rid yourself of the burden of all those unproductive feelings that your subconscious has given meaning to. In your early years your subconscious gave meaning to events & creates programs that you took with you all of your life, this gave you short cuts so that you didn’t waste time working everything out all of the time. Some of your programs are based around giving a false meaning to events, some events have no significant meaning, they just happened, it wasn’t your fault and it didn’t change the way others loved you. Your subconscious is always looking to be proved right, and you know how you always find what you are looking for!! Sometimes you just need to change the program.With willingness you can make huge shifts & I am happy to help in your journey to emotional freedom.

The process involves identifying the priority feeling or belief, bringing it to awareness, getting into a receptive brain state, and magnetically stripping it from your neural networks. It is unnecessary to talk at length about particular events  and how they made you feel, as this keeps you stuck in unproductive patterns and thinking. Some memories are very painful, but identifying them to your subconscious as something to work on is enough.

Jon (founder of Sacred Tree Spirit)

ps. the photo was taken in the shop. Hearts & other hand made crafts & gifts are always available.

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