Jon moved onto the Doward in 1995, and set up a small pottery. In his self-built kiln, he created wood-fired stoneware, inspired by his love of peasant oriental pottery. His aesthetic preferences were further cemented when he spent time in Japan. He was a full-time potter until his growing family meant that he had to return to tree work to sustain them.

Jon had a very busy and successful tree surgery business for twenty years, and despite the demanding work, he made time to be creative, and began to create wood-turned bowls and plates. (Jon’s pottery and woodturning & other homewares are available in the shop)

Jon’s interest in sound healing was sparked after visiting his sister in the Caribbean. Though she is a traditional chiropractor, she would use tuning forks and colour to help balance her client’s energy body after a session. Jon felt that this practice was at times more potent than the manipulation of the body.

Jon has since studied sound healing and has created Sacred Tree Spirit where he offers treatments. To find out more about what a sound healing session with Jon involves, please click here.