My Unique B&B

Tonight is the big night! On BBC2, we will be featured on a fabulous new makeover show called My Unique B&B, hosted by Simon Parfett.

The cabin in the making

Our aim was to turn the cabin (on a horse cart) that Jon had built into a boutique b&b space, by making the interior vastly different to the agricultural feel of the exterior. Jon had started to build the cabin on top of a horse cart he had been given, with the idea of forging students staying in it. The ideas evolved and grew and now this wonderful little hideaway has been transformed and is available to book on Airbnb.

Filming day!

Simon and the Plimsoll Productions crew were at Sacred Tree Spirit for three days, and we had a great time, though we were quite exhausted in the end!

Filming into the evening

Jon called the cabin Char Barɘu, (charcoal mound) because he makes charcoal for the forge nearby.

Char Barɘu sign hand-painted by Jess Grimsdale

We cannot wait to watch the show tonight, and we look forward to welcoming our first guests!