First of all thank you for the wonderful treatments you gave Philip and myself. They had a profound effect on us both.

I think what they gave us overall was a sense of calm afterwards. It’s strange how things that had been bothering me before the treatment, seemed to dissipate and that is no small matter.

You are an extremely intuitive practitioner, we both felt and perhaps the healing was more internal than external if that makes sense? I wasn’t even aware of some of the emotions that perhaps been holding me back so to be able to release them was brilliant.

I did feel a slight improvement in my hearing also, even my brother noticed I seem to hear better but over an above that was a sense of having let go of emotions that were in fact impacting on my health and general wellbeing.

It’s hard to quantify the changes but we both are sure that the results were powerful and valuable.

You are very gifted.
Philip and Ana


I think overall my experience has yielded so far a greater degree of calm, and now when I tell myself to be angry, a voice chips in saying, “No, you don’t need to do that”.

Feeling more energised, certainly less fatigue. I really enjoyed our adventure, and the peace that surrounds your home has stayed with me.





This is Daniel from Sweden, thank you so much for your session the other day. I have felt more at ease in my body and stronger mentally after the session. I feel less like a victim to the break up and more empowered somehow to choose what is beneficial for me. I loved the session very much and would love to come again some time for another session.




I am the German who stepped into your place last week by having a walk and who had the sound session the day afterwards.
I just wanted to thank you again. It was a great and very very special experience. Even I started working again on Monday I still feel calmer and more peaceful inside. Not only at work but as well in my relationship and in my voluntary work and well, in kind of everything I am doing.

But even besides the sound session you are a very special and inspiring person with all the wonderful projects you are working on. Thank you very much for sharing your time and for showing us everything. We really hope to be able to pop in again one day.





Thank you so much for an amazing treatment. I’ve noticed a significant energetic shift and some important insights have come as a result.

Most notably I feel lighter, more relaxed, open and back to my (more) happy-go-lucky self. The most important insight I’ve had is that there’s no rush – I had been pushing myself hard through my masters and after I was still pushing looking for work etc. I realise I can sit back a bit more and do things in a more gentle pace – to let things just unfold naturally.                  Jonathan



An absolutely amazing space with a lovely vibe. The people are very friendly and the work they do is unbelievable. Very welcoming and made my group and I feel at home. Couldn’t recommend it enough!                Daniel