Sound Therapy

At Sacred Tree Spirit, Jon offers Sound Therapy in the calm, tranquil therapy room.

Recognising that chronic, persistent and habitual ways of thinking and feeling manifest themselves in our bodies; Jon uses sound, vibration and subtle chi energy to remind and awaken your body to it’s natural state of wellbeing and it’s natural ability to self-heal.

So often the pain and unease we feel in our bodies relates to unresolved emotional issues and trauma. (During the sound therapy, you can talk about your feelings, but quite often the trapped emotions and tensions are released without words.)

Part of the session may feel like a wordless hypnosis. Fully clothed, you will lay on your back while the sounds from the tuning forks are presented at the ears. At times, the stem of the weighted tuning forks may be applied to the body (head or sternum) so you can feel and entrain with that frequency.

The session then often concludes with Reiki and Seichem energy work in the aura and at the feet.

You can pay below and then contact us to book a session, or let us know if you would like a gift voucher. Sessions cost £90 and last approx. 2 hours. To book, please text Jon on 07769 268441.