Create at Sacred Tree Spirit

Below are the workshops currently available at Sacred Tree Spirit. You can book in a group of up to 6 people, or get in touch to see what dates we will be running the workshops.

Make Yourself Better: Rustic Hook Workshop

Where: Sacred Tree Spirit, Herefordshire.

When: Contact us to book

What: Make a rustic wooden hook using hand tools.

What to Bring: Sturdy footwear, warm layers, a waterproof jacket.

What to Expect: In this three hour workshop, you will select some green wood, learn safe cutting techniques, and then create your hook. Weather-permitting the workshop will be mostly outdoors, but there is indoor space if needed.

We will Provide: Tools, materials, hot drinks, snack.

Cost: £25 per person (Maximum of 6 people) (Minimum age 18 for workshop participants)